About Us

Astor Visas has a reputable professional team in the immigration advisory industry. Our principle is to provide accurate, brief and customised immigration advice in all kinds of UK visa applications within a reasonable price. We promise that we will be your best choice for reliable, accurate and bespoke immigration and related immigration service. You will feel how easy to work with us as you can receive a full package of service that matching your immigration plan in the UK at one stop.

What we offer

Our Dedicated Expert Team

Our advisors at Astor Visas have years of experience of assisting both corporate and individual clients to deal with their immigration needs. We offer our clients tailored advice and tangible solutions based on the merit of each individual case. We have a very high rate of success with our applications and we pride ourselves for our flexible, creative whilst client-focused approach when dealing with immigration issues.
All of our advisors have the necessary insurance and registrations as required by the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Our current registration level is OISC Level 3, which is the highest level in providing immigration advice. We are also a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association and ITI.

We Offer You Accurate and Cost-effective Immigration Service

With the substantial experiences in the immigration advisory service, we have a reputable professional team to provide accurate, concise and cost-effective immigration advice on all types of UK visa applications at reasonable prices, saving your time and money.
Whatever immigration advice you need, our advisors are experts in their field and regularly assist clients with a complete range of UK immigration advice. We pride ourselves on our high standard of immigration service and are often praised for our honesty, our efficiency and the speed of our responses.

Our Competitive Fixe Rates Without Compromising Our Standard

Unlike many law firms that charge hourly rates, we offers our clients competitive fixed fee rates, which are transparent and have no hidden costs. But this by no means suggests any compromise of our service standard. We already put our clients' needs first and strive to provide the highest standard and services.