Astor Visas has a professional team who used to work for the big city firm and well known immigration consultancy. We offer the best service with the most competitive service rate.
If you are hiring a non EEA migrant worker, you must ensure that they have the relevant working permission to work for you. Astor Visas can assist you in checking their immigration status in the UK so as to ensure that your company is in compliance with the UK immigration rules. If you have a new hirer, we can offer further assistance including:
  1. Sponsor Licence application: if you wish to become a sponsor of a non-EU worker, and bring a person to work in the UK, you will need to be licensed. Employers wishing to apply for a sponsor licence are subject to a rigorous audit from the Home Office, which involves an in-depth review of your Human Resource systems and immigration compliance record. Astor Visas can guide you expertly to the sponsor licence you require. We also offer in-depth mock compliance check for companies’ Human Resource departments in this important area of immigration law.
  1. Sole Representative: If your company is based overseas and plans to set up the first and the only branches/subsidiary in the UK, you can send a senior employee to work in the UK as a sole representative.
  1. Compliance check: As UK immigration specialist, we understand the plethora of complexities that are associated with recruiting non-EU workers and international students, which is why we offer comprehensive in-house immigration compliance mock check.  Our compliance check covers all areas of UK immigration law. We will tailor our expertise to your specific business and immigration requirements, no matter how complex. Astor Visas will endeavor to working closely with you and train you to :
    • Undestanding immigration law and rules
    • Maintaining accurate records
    • Monitoring migrants under the Points Based System
    • Meeting your sponsor duties
  1. Tier 2 and Tier 5 visa: once your company has been licenced, you will be able to issue Certificate of Sponsorship, in order to hire Tier 2 and Tier 5 temporary worker. To learn more details about such kind of visas, please contact us.
  1. Annual consultation: you can also log onto our website and search the most up to date news about UK immigration rules. Except for that, we also offer annual immigration consultation to guide you to gasp basic knowledge of immigration rules and how to fulfill the duties as a sponsor. You will be beneficial from such service to avoid the hassle of checking immigration rules from the Home Office helpline and instead to easily find the answers to your queries. Our annual consultation includes:
Our services include:
  • Submitting Sponsor Licence applications
  • Compliance check
  • Annual immigration consultation
  • Representing relevant working visa
  • Same day fast track escort service
  • Acting as Level 1 or Level 2 user and reporting duties on behalf of employers