If you are a national from an EEA country and you have non-EEA family members, they will also have the right to live here as long as they fall in the UKBA’s approved list of ‘family members.’ 
Spouses, children aged up to 21 (and older if still dependent on parents) and parents are included on this list.
Your non-EEA family members will usually be able to work in the UK with no restrictions as long as you remain a qualified person in one of the categories mentioned above.
If you have a non-EEA family member who wishes to travel with you and they are either a ‘visa national’ or coming to live in the UK permanently or on a long-term basis, they should obtain a family permit before travelling to the UK. 
This will act as a form of entry clearance, demonstrating proof of their right to join you in the UK, and is important because the immigration officials may refuse entry if a relationship cannot be proven between you and your non-EEA spouse or child, for example.
Working in the UK as a Croatian national
You may need to apply for a registration certificate to be allowed to work in the UK.
The type of registration certificate you may need will depend on:
  • whether you need permission to work in the UK
  • what you’ll be doing
You must be working, self-employed, studying or able to support yourself to stay in the UK longer than 3 months.
For further details and free assessment, please contact us.

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